Saturday, March 26, 2016

SPRING Joint Meeting NECMT & AMS-NE Program (April 8 & 9, 2016 at MIT)

What follows is a snapshot of the program for the joint meeting of the AMS-NE and the New England Conference of Music Theorists (NECMT), which includes registration times, papers, and receptions. The full can be found here). Many thanks to our two program committees and special gratitude goes to Michael Scott Cuthbert for volunteering to help merge the schedules of our two societies and for his work on laying out the joint program. We are also very indebted to Emily Richmond Pollock and Elina Hamilton for their work regarding local arrangements at MIT. 

Please note that the meeting will be held on Friday-Saturday, 8-9 April at MIT; AMS-NE papers will be heard on Saturday only, but everyone is invited and encouraged to attend the paper sessions and the informal dinner on Friday, to be held at the house of NECMT president, Suzie Clark (please note that this is a change of location).  We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!


LOCATION: Lewis Music Library, Bldg 14N-109

12:30 PM Registration Opens

1:30 - 3:30PM Ways of Hearing (NECMT Session)

  • 'Conoscere e riconoscere': Fragmentation, Repetition, nd Formal Process in Sciarrino's Instrumental Music -- Antares Boyle (University of British Columbia)
  • How Cage Misreads Webern -- Jeffrey Perry (Louisiana State University)
  • Between Reality and Imagination: Listening to Claude Vivier's Lonely Child -- Christopher Gainey (University of British Columbia)

3:50 - 5:10PM Songs (NECMT Session)

  • "So Complete in Beautiful Deformity:" Hearing the Rhythms of Meshuggah's obZen -- Olivia Lucas (Harvard University)
  • "Aber auf einmal...": Dynamic Discourse in Lyric Poetry and Song -- Matt Bailey-Shae (Eastman School of Music)
5:40 PM Informal dinner at Suzie Clark's house (directions available at the meeting)--AMS-NE members welcome. (this is change of location)


8:30 AM Registration Opens (Killian Hall Lobby, Bldg 14)


1a: Brazil: Historical, Theoretical & Ethnographic Approaches (Joint Session)--Killian Hall, Bldg 14

  • Opera and Modernity in Brazil: Camargo Guarnieri and Mário de Andrade's Pedro Malazarte -- Melody Chapin (Tufts University)
  • Circulariade: Theorizing Temporality in Afro-Brazilian Popular Song -- Christopher Stover (The New School)
  • The Red-Bulling of the Music Industry: Co-Branding, Corporate Sponsorship, and Shifts in Musical Agency in Brazil --Kariann Goldschmitt (Wellesley College) **Conference invited speaker**
1b: Sonata Theories (NECMT session)--4-270 Lecture Hall
  • Mendelssohn's Formal Frames: Multi-Stage and Recurring Introductions -- Catrina Kim (Eastman School of Music)
  • Bartók's Sonata-Rondo: Semiotics and Narrative in the Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion --Emma James (Eastman School of Music)
  • Between the Signposts: Thematic Interpolation and Structural Defamiliarization in Prokofiev's Sonata Process -- Rebecca Perry (Yale University)

2a: 16th and 17th-century Italy and Beyond (AMS-NE Session)--Killian Hall, Bldg 14

  • Between Frescobaldi and Froberger: From Virtuosity to Expression -- David Schulenberg (Wagner College)
  • A Tale of Three Sciolte: Triple Meters in the Danced Suites of Fabritio Caroso -- Nona Monahin (Five College Early Music Program, Mount Holyoke College)

2b: Fin-de-siècle France (Joint Session)-- 4-270 Lecture Hall

  • Lost in Translation: Exoticism as Transculturation in Saint-Saëns's Africa -- Toru Momii (Columbia University)
  • Before and After Debussy: Gabriel Fauré's Pelléas et Mélisande in New York and Boston, 1902 - 1912 -- Heather de Savage (University of Connecticut)
12:30 - 2:30 LUNCH

  • AMS-NE in Killian Hall
  • NECMT in 4-270

3a: Motivic Approaches (NECMT Session)--Killian Hall, Bldg 14

  • Analyzing Liszt's Songs: A Grundgestalt and Transformational Perspective -- Jeffrey Schaeffer (Central Michigan University)
  • Motivic Analysis Reimagined in Light of Performance -- Andrew Friedman (Harvard University)
  • Sound to Point and Line: Visualizing Music at the Bauhaus -- Stephanie Probst (Harvard University)
3b: Vocal Music and Interpretation (AMS-NE Session) -- 4-270 Lecture Hall
  • Vestiges of Virtuosity: Origins of the French Coloratura Soprano -- Sean M. Parr (Saint Anselm College)
  • "A History of Man and His Desire": Ferrucio Busoni and Faust -- Erinn Knyt (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)
  • Getting "Satisfaction" from Others: Cover Songs, Irony, and The Rolling Stones -- David Ferrandino (University of Buffalo, SUNY)
5:10PM Conference Reception: Food and Drink generously sponsored by Conference Co-Host Harvard Music Department  --Meadhall, 4 Cambridge Center (5 minute walk)