Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Chapter Meeting a Success

With over 35 members in attendance, the Fall chapter meeting at College of the Holy Cross was a success. The papers covered a wide variety of topics including Haydn, opéra comique, chant, Schubert, Mahler, Busoni and Coltrane. Many thanks to Jessica Waldoff and Daniel DiCenso for their hospitality and organization.

The following announcements were made at the business meeting:

  • The chapter has now expanded its online presence to include the website, the blog, and the Facebook group. While the Google Groups continues to function as a mailing list, this may be switched over to a different way to maintain a mailing list that does not require subscription to the group. Important announcements (CFPs, meeting info, etc...) will be posted in all fora.

  • Our Chapter Rep to the AMS, Michael Baumgartner, would like to hear from chapter members in regard to issues they feel might be brought to the AMS Council. In particular, he welcomes feedback regarding the proposed change to the AMS by-laws. For more information:  Please e-mail Michael at mbgart1 at gmail dot com with your thoughts.

  • There is now a membership form to accompany payment of chapter dues ($10 for the year). Dues are collected per the fiscal year, which runs from July 1 to June 30. We hope to have the form available for download so that dues may be sent in by mail. In the meantime, forms will be available upon registration on-site at chapter meetings.
  • A draft of Chapter by-laws will be sent out in the coming months for feedback and approval by the chapter membership.
  • We are looking for hosts for 2013-14. Hosts provide a venue, A/V needs, and refreshments (morning and afternoon) for the meeting. If you are interested, please contact Rebecca Marchand at rmarchand at bostonconservatory dot edu 
The next chapter meeting will be held at Tufts University on Saturday, February 2nd. 

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