Thursday, April 18, 2013

Additional Information for Spring 2013 Meeting at Northeastern (Saturday, April 20)


Directions to Northeastern can be found at:
Parking and Transportation information from our hosts: 
Guests can park in the Gainsborough Garage or the Renaissance Park Garage. The Renaissance Park garage is the closest to Ryder Hall--it is located at 835 Columbus Avenue. From the garage, you have to walk through Ruggles station to the other side of the tracks, and once you exit Ruggles station, Ryder Hall is the first building to the left. The garages are not cheap--($18-$24 for the day). If people want to give street parking a shot, they'll have better luck looking on the side streets off of Columbus." If you prefer to take public transportation, Northeastern is easily accessible via the Orange Line (Ruggles Sta.) or the Green Line (Northeastern Sta.).

Printable Campus Map:
Gainsborough Garage- #45
Renaissance Park Garage #62
Ryder Hall is #24 on the Map.

Business Meeting

During the meeting we will be holding elections for 1 Grad Student Rep to the AMS and for Secretary/Treasurer.

Current nominees are:
For Sec/Treasurer:
Sam Rechtoris (current Sec/Treasurer)

For Graduate Student Rep, 2013-15:

If you are interested in running, nominations will be taken from the floor at the meeting. Any member in good standing may nominate a viable candidate for these offices.

We look forward to seeing you there!