Friday, March 7, 2014

Parking info & Reminders for Winter Meeting on Saturday, March 8

REMINDER: The location of the meeting is at 31 Hemenway, Studio 401 (4th Floor) at the Boston Conservatory. Refreshments begin at 9:45am. Abstracts and bios are available at the AMS-NE website:

DUES: Dues for the year are $10. Exact change is appreciated.

As mentioned in a prior e-mail, parking in downtown Boston/Back Bay can be rather costly, unfortunately.  Here is information for three different lots near the Conservatory. Please check each website for Saturday rates.

Closest to BoCo: 1080 Bolyston

7-8 min walk to BoCo: Hynes Garage

5-7 min walk to BoCo: Westland Ave Garage:

Depending on where you are coming from and how early you'd like to get there, there are parking lots where you park and take the T in to Hynes Convention Center (Green Line). These will be more affordable options, but less convenient.

Alewife Station has parking at $7/day (Red Line):
Take Alewife to Park, Change at Park to Green Line (B,C, D) to Hynes  (or change at Park to Line E to Prudential or Symphony (longer walk)

Lechmere Station has parking across the street:
Take Green Line E to Park, Change to Lines B, C, or D to Hynes
Take Green Line E to Prudential or Symphony, then walk to BoCo

Walking Directions from Prudential Center to Boston Conservatory
Walking Directions from Symphony T-Stop to Boston Conservatory

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