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Spring Chapter Meeting, April 30, 2011 (Providence College)

AMS-NE Chapter Meeting Saturday, April 30, 2011 Providence College Molly McGlone, "Experimental Urban Musical Spaces: a case study of the Electric Circus in the late 1960s" Exploring the little-known history of the Electric Circus, a New York music and dance space in the late 1960s, this paper reveals the inherent contradictions in one social, economic, and musical environment as a case study for understanding the historic cultural geography of a Lower East Side music community.  The Electric Circus space was unique as a commercial endeavor that both restricted its clients to participating in an already formulated social structure—one involving hippies, yippies, children, composers and “beautiful people”—that at the same time gave them license to come into the “think tank” to take charge of their own social order.  Bringing together university-trained composers such as Morton Subotnick and multiracial rock groups such as The Chamber Brothers, the Electric Circus managem