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Fall Chapter Meeting: Saturday, October 3, 2015 (Amherst College)

PLEASE NOTE: This program has been revised with new times to reflect a last-minute change (9/30/15) AMS-NE Fall Chapter Meeting October 3, 2015 Amherst College Arms Music Center, Room 3 Free Weekend Parking Available in lots 9:45-10:15 Refreshments and Registration (Chapter Dues $10: exact change appreciated) Morning Session 10:15   Welcome   10:20  Arnold Dolmetsch against Antiquarianism: The Development and Endurance of Period Instrument Revival Ideologies Maia Perez (Boston University)   Arnold Dolmetsch cut a fascinating figure in the eyes of his contemporaries: the eccentric but devoted leader of one of the first major early music revivals of the 20th century, essential to its success, and the primary force behind its dissemination. But as the century continued, his amateurism and his unshaken belief in the musical authority of a semi-mystical “performer’s insight” prevented most musicologists (and even his own students, such as Robert