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Travel Info for May 2nd meeting at Yale (Updated 4/28)

For those of you coming from Boston who might wish to take public/mass transportation, the possibilities are rather limited in terms of getting there in time for the start of the meeting. The 6:40am Amtrak train out of South Station will get you to Union Station in New Haven at 9:07am. There are no Megabus or Greyhound/PeterPan busses in the morning, from what I can tell. The following links provide all transportation-related information. (parking map)** (train/shuttle info) The meeting will be held at Sudler Recital Hall at Yale School of Music: We look forward to seeing you there! **4/28 UPDATE**: From the Yale Parking Office: ""The Grove St garage is not open on the weekends. You can park in lot 16 at Whitney and Humphrey St for free parking on the weekends. You can can also park in lot 78 and 78W which is near the Payne Whitney gym."

Spring Chapter Meeting: Saturday, May 2, 2015 (Yale University)

AMS-NE Spring Chapter Meeting May 2, 2015 Sudler Hall Yale University 9:45-10:15  Refreshments and Registration Morning Session 10:15   Welcome 10:20   Assimilation, Gypsies, and Jews in Meyerbeer's  Ein Feldlager in Schlesien                    Laura Stokes (Indiana University / Brown University) ABSTRACT: Giacomo Meyerbeer was appointed General Music Director of the Berlin Royal Opera in June 1842. The recently ascended king Friedrich Wilhelm IV—who had an ambitious program to remake Berlin as a European cultural center—persuaded Meyerbeer to return after an absence of over three decades. Meyerbeer, who was Jewish, was appointed music director of the Royal Opera at a time of political challenge for Prussia’s Jewish community: that same year, Friedrich Wilhelm IV proposed that the Jewish community be separated into its own Estate, attempting to counter decades of assimilation of Jews into Prussian society.  Thus Meyerbeer encountered a s

Carpools, Calendars, Meeting Hosts needed!

  CARPOOL INFO FOR MAY 2 Spring Chapter Meeting at Yale Carpool info was sent out over the chapter mailing list and the chapter Facebook group. If you are interested in carpooling and did not receive either of these notifications, please e-mail ams dot newengland at gmail dot com AMS-NE CONFERENCE CALENDAR If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, please visit the new Conference Calendar --an attempt to avoid scheduling conflicts between schools and organizations in the New England area and the AMS-NE Chapter. If you are scheduling a musicology-related conference or symposium, please do check out this calendar to avoid conflicts with chapter meetings and other major conferences. Please send any musicology-related events to ams dot newengland at gmail dot com  to be sure that your event is listed on the calendar. You can also view the calendar at the  AMS-NE blog: HOSTS NEEDED!! We still need hosts for our Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 meetings