Friday, February 8, 2019

Parking info to Wellesley College for Feb. 23rd meeting

Wellesley College's address is 106 Central Street (do not enter from Rte. 16)
**updated 2/22 to reflect error in street name below**
Turn left off Rte 135 (West Entrance) onto College Road. Turn right to get to Visitor Parking. You may park in any available space, except for those reserved for handicapped and disabled patrons.

TO GET TO PENDLETON WEST from the parking lot:

1. Follow the path out of Visitor Parking. 
2. Once you see the Lulu Chow Wang Campus Center, continue to the left along the sidewalk on the right side of College Road.
3. You will pass the Physical Plant on the right, and next on you will see the brick wall of the Museum on the right.
4.  Cross the road and the path will fork; take the upper path on the right.
5.  The first building you come to near the top of the hill is Pendleton West on the left.  Enter; Pendleton West 101 will be immediately on the left.


COMMUTER RAIL INFO from Boston South Station

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